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About Lachlan Soper

Doctor, Father, & Cyclist

Based in Mosman, Sydney Lachlan Soper has two decades of medical work under his belt. He has been a general practitioner since 2004, and has additionally worked in emergency and paediatric medicine. His career started in Muswellbrook, and since then he also practiced in Dee Why and Northern Sydney. In 2011, he returned to Muswellbrook to work as a VMO in general medicine, and he has also done excellent work in the emergency medicine and paediatric departments. He has shown the utmost commitment to his work, but also always made time for his 3 young children. As a father, he has spent time fostering a love of the outdoors and healthy activity. He leads by example, spending much of his free time either cycling, aiming to break 10k km over the course of the year, or doing his own research in theology. When he has a spare moment, he looks to the community for service opportunities, having volunteered with many organizations and high schools to teach about youth health topics.